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Registration Procedures

Posted by Metro State Atheists on June 8, 2009

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Registration Procedures

Recognition for UC Denver organizations will occur in the fall and spring semesters. Student organizations recognized in the spring semester will automatically be recognized in the summer semester. All information submitted must be current and updated by the organization. All applications will be reviewed by the Office of Student Life and any discrepancies or errors in the application may delay the organization’s recognition.

Recogntion Process for Student Organizations

1. Apply for Recognition:
Organizations are required to submit a signed list from a minimum of twenty currently enrolled members, in order to obtain recognition. A downloadable form is available in the online form section.

2. Submit an Organization Description:
The organization description should include the purpose/mission of the organization, criteria for membership, meeting times and locations, and activities sponsored by the organization. The description will be used when we receive questions about the organization and the information will be posted online.

3. Submit a Constitution and/or By-laws:
All student organizations are required to develop either a constitution or by-laws prior to receiving recognition. Any updates or changes to the Constitution/By-laws must be submitted to the Office of Student Life. Click here to view a sample constitution or by-laws.

4. Elect Officers:
Two (2) officers’ (President and Treasurer) names and contact information must be listed on the recognition form. Additional officers such as a Vice President and Secretary are elected at the discretion of the organization. All officers must be currently enrolled at UC Denver and be in good standing with the University.

5. Select an Advisor:
The organization must include all relevant contact information for the advisor in the recognition form (i.e. name, title, department, email, and phone). A letter or email from the advisor indicating their willingness to serve as an advisor to the organization must accompany the recognition application.

6. Attend the Mandatory Meeting:
Recognized student organizations may receive funding from Student Government. Prior to receiving full recognition, all organizations are required to attend at least one (1) of the mandatory meeting scheduled at the beginning of the semester or arrange a meeting time with the Office of Student Life/Student Government. Click here to see times and dates of mandatory meetings.

As an officially recognized UC Denver student organization, the officers and members assume responsibility for the organization and agree to the following:

a. We confirm our willingness to abide by all University guidelines, regulations, policies and student code of conduct.

b. We agree to notify the Office of Student Life immediately if and when the purpose of the organization changes.

c. We individually assume responsibility for all expenses incurred by the organization. In regard to debts incurred other than with the University, we acknowledge that we are responsible for the payment of such debts and that we may be held personally liable for any such debts. In regard to University bills, we acknowledge that we understand and are willing to abide by the University policy governing payment of University bills as stated by the Office of Student Life and Procurement Services.

d. We acknowledge that the University, in conjunction with AHEC, determines all matters related to security and exercises control over access to all University buildings.

e. In accordance with the University’s policy of equal opportunity, we acknowledge that our organization may not on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, or disability, exclude persons from participation in, deny persons the benefit of, or subject persons to discrimination under any of its educational programs or activities.

f. To abide by all University Fiscal Policies.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Life at 303.556.3399 or via email at studentlife@ucdenver.edu.

(Source: University of Colorado-Denver Office of Student Life)


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